Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm bacccckkk....

Wow... I can't believe it's been years since I was blogging..  AND.. I decided to join Stampin' Up! again shearly for some very selfish reasons... However.. that stamping bug caught me again! 

 Selfish Reasons Listed here

#1 -  I really wanted some products and I wanted to get the 20% discount!  (So I joined)
#2 -  Joining during Sale-a-bration got me some FREE products (So I joined)
#3 -  Well, HEY.. a new catalog is just around the corner... (SO I joined)
#4 -  Started BINGE watching some YouTube videos and had the itch! (SO I Joined)
#5 -  Hey.. what's another hobby.. right?..  (SOOO I JOINED)

Paper Pumpkin

I also recently signed up for Paper Pumpkin..
I had previously been a member of Paper Pumpkin before... and.. well.. quiet honestly, I really wasn't impressed with the kits I was receiving, so.. I dropped that like a hot pumpkin.. I mean.. Potato!

Then.. they started advertising... HEY in April.. there's going to be a new kit designed by Sara Douglas (CEO of Stampin' Up!) You DON'T want to miss out on this!  Well.. heck NO I didn't want to miss out.. so... I JOINED!!

LET ME TELL YOU.... I think Stampin' Up! got the message!  I joined in April, and so FAR... I've loved both kits that I've received!!  HOLY CROW... these kits are TOTALLY FREAKIN AWESOME!!

I'll be posting several pictures as soon as I get them moved to my computer!
There HAS to be a better way!!

Inky hugs!

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